Sliding sash window

UPVC sliding sash windows are a great low-maintenance and affordable alternative to traditional timber sash windows. Opting for UPVC gives you the superior reliability, security and energy efficiency of UPVC casement windows with the aesthetics of the more costly timber option. A classic design for the modern age.

Many homeowners in period buildings opt for the UPVC option these days as they are practically indistinguishable from timber. Please note: not all listed buildings will be granted permission to fit UPVC, make sure you get planning permission first.

Design experts have made modern UPVC systems almost indistinguishable from old style timber, however.

Instead of using the traditional pulley systems of weights and cords or chains, our UPVC sash windows use a state-of-the-art spring system that has been tested for years of heavy use.

This system is much easier to repair than traditional ones, so you will be able to enjoy your sash windows for many years to come. The sashes can also be made to turn inwards, which allows for very easy cleaning, while limit stops mean they are safe and secure.

You have many choices when buying your sash windows to make them look perfect for your home. They are available in a variety of woodgrains, as well as in black, cream and white UPVC, so you can match your new sash window to your other windows.

You can also decide what kind of ‘horns’ you want. Horns were put in to stop sashes from opening too far, but this function is unnecessary for modern designs, so they are purely aesthetic. Many buyers choose to put these ‘mock horns’ on their UPVC sash windows to preserve their traditional appearance. You can also have brass catches for a truly classic look.


UPVC sash windows are more expensive than casement windows because of the added work inherent in removing the old sash ‘box’. The sash box can be preserved, but bear in mind that this will result in a bulkier looking window. We recommend removing the box entirely.

An MDF liner or moulded architrave gives the best finish to fill the ‘void’ left by the removal of the old box, as it can be painted to match the window. Alternatively, we can brick up the void and finish it with plaster. This loses some character, but does look good in very modern decors.

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