Timber Framed Windows

Our bespoke timber windows are built to your specifications, with emphasis always placed on quality. Beautifully crafted, our timber products are competitively priced with a wide choice of colours and styles to choose from.

Our casement range is fully draught proof, with concealed multi point locking systems to keep your home highly secure. High security locking systems are available with all our window products as standard.

All our sourced products are from reputable suppliers and have been tried and tested. We can offer you an extensive range of timber products as well as the latest engineered timber.

Our highly crafted timber products combined with our quality double glazing will provide you with a highly efficient window.

Not only will our energy rated double glazing provide you with a high energy performance but it is also available in many different glass styles.


Timber windows have always been popular due to their eye catching, traditional aesthetics.

Many home owners, who are looking to maintain the appearance of their property, choose timber windows for their authentic appearance.

Timber is readily available and its abundance has led to it being used for windows and doors throughout the centuries.

Since then, more efficient materials have made an appearance on the market which has led timber windows to evolve into a newly reformed product.

Timber windows have had to adapt and grow with our technological advancements. Modern day preservatives have increased the life span of the timber window and high quality materials have been combined in manufacture to produce new and efficient products.

The creation of engineered timber has meant that home owners can now revert back to traditional looks. Engineered timber has meant that the suitability and performance of wood has increased. The demand for traditional timber windows has increased and we are yet again seeing a rise in the use of timber products.


Engineered timber refers to wood-based products which have been engineered to have enhanced performance characteristics. This timber product is manufactured using several layers of dimensioned lumber.

Smaller pieces of wood are then laminated in order to create one single large structure. This results in a more environmentally friendly version – much more so than standard softwood. Engineered timber will never shrink and unlike its traditional counterpart, it is free from setting and dry-cracks.

Strong and long lasting, engineered timber is very efficient. This product is available in a wide range of finishes, in virtually any colour and stain.


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