Aluminium window energy rating

A new legislation has been introduced that means all windows must have an energy rating. A windows energy efficiency is very important. These ratings were developed by the British Federation Rating Council (BFRC). Similar to the stickers that come on white goods, windows now come with a BFRC Energy Rating label.

This is a direct result of the government’s plan to make sure that UK homes have better energy efficiency, with a long term view to cut down the country’s energy emissions.

All replacement windows now must have an Energy Rating of at least E, while windows put into extensions must have a D Rating. The higher the energy rating, the better insulated your home is and therefore the lower your carbon emissions and fuel bills. It’s that simple.

Statistics suggest that we lose 26% of our domestic heat loss through our windows. That’s over a quarter of the heat we lose. Energy efficient windows can save up to 28% on your heating bills, which is a considerable annual saving.

Therefore, spending the extra money to get a higher Energy Rating for your windows will actually save you money in the long run.

You are required to show your Energy Rating certificates when selling your home, and highly rated products are very attractive to buyers.


At Cristal Windows we work very closely with our supplier Climatec to make sure we only offer the most energy efficient windows we can. We offer A, B and C rated windows to all our customers. All sliding sash windows are C rated.

Whatever energy rating you choose, all of these windows offer fantastic energy efficiency, cutting down your fuel bills and your carbon emissions.

Please contact us to talk more about the energy efficiency of double glazing, we are committed to offering products that will both save you money and cut down on your emissions.